What is sound healing ?

SOUND HEALING is a vibrational medicine and it has been used for thousands of years by different cultures and tribes, in order to bring people in balance and to heal illness.

Sound healing implies healing to the human body with the sound frequency/vibration that we have in our unique voice. Sound healing is used as a tool for releasing energetic imbalances on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally.

What kind of sound healing method do you use?



I work with the soul voice™ method where I use my voice to heal the human body, with the sound frequency, sound vibration that I have in my voice. The soul voice™ Method” is an effective and very deep sound work, acting on a deep cellular level.

It is used to cure problems like anxiety, trauma, issues related to sabotage, loss & abandonment, stress, depression, negative believes and unhealthy issues. It also strengthen the lymphatic system and repair chakra imbalances. It can be used to heal directly on body parts, organs and gland.

How can sound healing help?

Our body is an energetic structure made of different organs, cells, muscles and bones. And each part of the body resonates to different frequencies and vibrations.

When our body is out of balance or ill, it start to produce the wrong frequency and wrong cells, but With the help of sound healing method and by toning different sounds, the body starts to respond to the sound frequency and get back to balance.

What kind of problems can you heal with sound healing?

Sound healing can be used to heal on the physical body, mentally and emotionally. It could be that a person is suffering from: sleeping disorder, back pain, chronic headache, communication problem, lack of focus, codependency, blocked creativity, sexual disfunction, jealousy, guilt, stress or work obsession.

What are your sounds based on?

My sounds are based on what I am sensing and experiencing in your subconscious mind and body. Sounds based on different stories, memories and situations that you are experiencing or have experienced in the past.

How does sound healing happen?

I always start with the coaching part for about 15-20 minutes to identify the core issue of the problem. And In the coaching part is where I help you to open up and get in touch with different feelings and stories based on the challenges that you are facing right now on your life. And in the coaching part is where I tune in to your subconscious mind and sense where the blocked energy is held in your body and where you are stuck in your life. From there I choose the relevant technique for the session.

After identifying the issue and locating the areas where the blocked energy is, we create a positive intention for the sound healing that is going to happen, based on what you want to achieve from the session.

What is an intention?

Intention is the seed that we plant into the body, so that the seed can grow and be the plant or the flower that you want it to be. You lay down on a mattress, fully dressed with a blanket on. And I start with some intuitive soothing sounds to open up and relax your body. I gently scan your body with my voice and locate where the blocked energy is held in the body.

How do you know which sounds to use?

Well, our voice is the best instrument that we have, and it is the source of all wisdom. It brings us in tune with our strength and connects us to  our inner universe and the source.

I let your body tell me which sounds to use and the sounds that is needed to release the poison that is held in your body. Our voice is a vibrational energy and it reflects who we are and how we feel. It reveals our  experience, emotions, our fear, our dreams, our thoughts and desires. So I intuitively sound the sounds that your body is in need of for the session.

How do you choose the sounds?

The way I choose the sounds is, I sometimes feel your pain in my physical body or I see the pain in pictures, it could be a childhood trauma that you have went through which is hidden in the subconscious level. From there I create and match the sounds that is suitable for the experience that I am feeling in my physical body and the experience that I see in the pictures of your subconscious mind. And then I sound, the sounds that resonates the needed frequency/vibration to heal your body.

What kind of techniques do you use?

The Soul Voice™ method offers many different kind of techniques to work with, depending on how and when to approach the problem.

One of the techniques that I mostly use is “sound surgery” where I pull stuff out of the body such as traumatic memories, all kinds of false & negative thoughts and believes, anger , fear, grief etc.

How do you finish the session?

I finish the session by offering home works and a variety of tools that can help you to integrate the session that you have received and in order to help move on with the process on your own.

If you want read about the founder of Soul Voice™ method Karina Schelde: www.soulvoice.net