What is Soul Voice® method

Soul Voice® method is a creative therapeutic voice and sound healing modality which explores the human voice into its ultimate depths and potential.
Sound healing is a vibrational medicine and it has been used for thousands of years by different cultures and tribes, in order to bring people in balance and to heal illness.
Sound healing implies healing to the human body with the sound frequency/vibration that we have in our unique voice. Sound healing is used as a tool for releasing energetic imbalances on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The soul voice®method is created by Karina Schelde for sound healing, where our voice is not put in a box or have to sound in a particular way, sing pretty or hit the right key.

The Soul Voice® method is very powerful and effective sound work that guides us to reconnect with our soul, mind, emotional body, and to the source of all pain and blockages in our life. It is a method that allow us to travel through all kinds of memories that is still present in our cells which is longing to be heard, released and transformed.