• Are you tired of suffering from sleepless nights and the frustration of constant fatigue?

  • Have you seen half a dozen different medical practitioners and are still searching for solutions?

  • Do you want to stop taking prescription drugs and solve the reason you’re on them?

  • Do you want a natural, non-medical solution?

  • Do want to fall asleep easily, quickly and wake up feeling rested, restored and rejuvenated ?

    During the “Sleep like a baby” Appointment

    You are going to…

  • Uncover the root cause of your sleeping symptoms

  • Discover any hidden blocks that is sabotaging your sleep and keeping you up on nights

  • Create a customized action plan to help you get a good night sleep, once and for all

    You will leave feeling renewed and re-energized knowing it is possible to sleep like a baby

    What is Sonic Therapy?

Sonic Therapy

“The future of modern medicine.” ―  Dr. Mitch Gaynor, a world renowned oncologist.

Sonic Therapy is an ancient form of healing that can help you curb cravings, improve your memory, sleep better and tame migraines.” ―  Dr. Mitch Gaynor,  The Dr. Oz Show

Medical experts, including Dr. Mitch Gaynor have proven that listening to different frequencies play a positive roll in treatments of stress, depression and coping more severe illness like alzheimer's and cancer. Dr. Oz, world renowned oncologist

Sound therapy is widely used in hospitals in the US to treat disorders such as schizophrenia, amnesia, depression, and can even assist those recovering from a stroke or other serious brain injury.

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I look forward to helping you sleep like a baby!