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So are you a business woman that is having difficulty with your sleep? going to sleep, staying sleep, waking up early in the morning, feeling tired in the day ? Because of it maybe not the happiest person as a business woman or with your family?

Well this is what happened to me and this is why I love supporting other business women that are having difficulty with their sleep. And I am getting amazing results working with people around the globe.

So I am so excited today for you that you have decided to take charge of your life to improve this situation by taking action and getting the 2 minute self-test and I can’t wait for you to make the discovery for what is going on? why it is? What the root cause can be, and what the blockages are?

Because you have taken action today, and if you are ready to take the next step and really want to start solving your sleeping difficulties, as a special gift for downloading the 2 minute self-test, I am offering you a free “sleep like a baby” consultation to:

  • Uncover the root cause of your sleeping problem
  • Discover any hidden blocks that is sabotaging your sleep and keeping you up nights
  • Create a customized action plan to help you get a good night sleep, once and for all

You will leave feeling renewed and re energized knowing it is possible to sleep like a baby

So the email is on it’s way to you with the 2 minute self-test, and you will discover the 7 sleeping patterns and find out which one of them you have. some people have 2, 3 or a combination of all the 7 patterns to the root cause for your sleeping difficulties as well as any blockages, so if you are ready to take action on solving this, once and for all now. Book a free 20 minute sleep like a baby consultation And I am looking forward to support you !

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What people are saying...

“Her skills are incredible!
Even after Struggling with constant fatigue and terrible sleep over the last two decades, I feel renewed and energized and both my health and my business improve with every session. She’s my secret weapon for growing my business!”

~Caroline Burdulis DiploM, LAc

"Judy is truly a gifted healer. I was blown away by my sound healing experience with her. I felt so relaxed and could feel my stomach and energy releasing. She is gentle and kind. Humble and powerful. I highly recommend experiencing Judy's magic."

~Ellie Savoy: Board Certified Holistic Health Coach / Best selling author / Speaker

“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and after 4 months, not only am I breast cancer free, but my SLEEPING problem has also improved and all the doctors are asking me, what my secret is that I am doing better than all other patients…”

~Kate Sønderberg

“I can highly recommend Judy Solomon. She has a unique ability to see what you need at a deep level and can create the confidence and peace of mind that makes you dare indulge in a process... that is powerful healing.
I am deeply grateful for the help she has given me and see great potential in the method's application both to individuals and within an enterprise framework. ”

~Marianne Saxtorph –Lawyer

“Meeting Judy is an experience in itself. Her voice and sound spectrum is limitless. With its ferocity and expressivity she shakes the pain off and leaves you light as a feather.”

~Marie Gjessing – Designer

“Judy is a powerful healer who has helped me to find my own strength...she has turned out to be the therapist and guide who has had the biggest impact.”

~Ilona Marquard Kundalini – Yoga Teacher

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