About Judy Solomon



I’m glad you’re here!

I’d like to guess something about you…

You want to feel like an empowered feminine leader, living her dream, having it all and waking up every day grateful.

Instead, that picture seems like a foggy and distant wish, your calendar is packed with things that have little meaning to you and you are constantly torn between your commitment to your business and your love for your family.

It’s time to STOP feeling divided!

There are few things more frustrating than feeling ready to shine, but having your light blocked by a stubborn imbalance!

It’s time to re-tune and re-calibrate your energy systems with a powerful sound healing modality.

I’m Judy Solomon, a sleep specialist for women business owners, a Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner and money coach, and I’m here to help professional women to up-level their primary vibration by healing what’s holding them back from sleeping like a baby.

I do this by intuitively connecting the power of my voice to the frequencies of your emotional tapestry.

If you’ve never heard of sound healing, it may seem odd that it could help you to show up more fully in your business, make more money, or stand elegantly in your power…

But it CAN…

And it DOES…

And SOOOO much more!

After all,

Everything is Energy…

And everything is vibrating at a frequency…

Sound healing simply helps to recalibrate your vibration, and get you to the frequency you desire!

And while it CAN help with just about anything, I‘ve found that I simply LOVE working with women entrepreneurs who are ready to discover the natural freedom of a well-rested body with abundant energy, ready to take their business to the next level, and know that they must FIRST get there vibrationally!

Raising your vibration means letting go of past hurts, trauma, and blocks that are stuck in your body (that you may or may not even be aware of or that may have even happened before you were even born!).

Maybe you’ve done law of attraction work, and haven’t seen the results you’d hoped for.

Maybe you’ve been through countless therapists, business coaches and strategy programs only to be at the same income level (or worse!) as when you started.

If you’ve tried everything and you don’t feel any closer to your answer, STOP. Do not spend another dollar on another program until you’ve healed your inner frequency.

This is like tuning an instrument. Until the frequencies are aligned, the instrument cannot ever be a beneficial presence in a symphony.

And until YOUR frequencies are aligned, you cannot be a beneficial presence in your home OR your business.

My personal path to healing:

Like many healers, my personal path to the purposeful work I do now was the result of a traumatic childhood. As a child of young parents, I was conceived by accident and kept a secret until the end of the pregnancy. So, I spent nine months marinating in my mother’s fear, guilt, and shame of being pregnant and unwed. My grandparents raised me, and despite the love and care I received, the absence of my parents was painful and left me feeling undesired, rejected, and not worthy of their love and presence.

Around the age of 8, I moved from my grandparents home in Africa, to live with my parents for the first time ever, as a nuclear family, in Saudi-Arabia. And while I had longed for this as long as I could remember, the reality was that I felt alone and out of place with my parents.

My father was abusive, and my mother was emotionally unavailable. They simply weren’t equipped to be loving parents, and I grew up feeling lonely, uncertain, left out, and crippled by frustration, anger, confusion, sadness, and unworthiness. To cope, I simply buried my feelings and shut off.

Since my family was constantly moving from country to country, I was constantly trying to find “family” through friends and connecting with new people. And while adapting to new cultures and languages came easily to me, this gift drove a wedge between me and my family. The more I connected with new people, adapted the culture and the languages, the more they rejected me. I felt like a stranger in my own family.

It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my first child that I understood the importance of HEALING. I wanted to clear my own childhood traumas before bringing a child to the world. It was during this time that I had my first Reiki healing session! After that session I felt at home in my body for the very first time. It was AMAZING, and I became inspired and eager to share this feeling with others.

My sleep difficulty started when I became a mother, that got better but then it came back, when I started my own business. I tried everything to get to sleep, including melatonin, herbal tea and even reiki healing which helped me feel amazing, but I knew something was still missing. Luckily I got introduced to a powerful healer, who even though she didn’t know that I always sang as a child told me that I should be healing with my voice. It was incredible because I realized, this is what I have been doing all my life and yet here she was without knowing that, recognizing my gift.

Becoming a Reiki healer was ofcourse the first step toward discovering my gifts as a healer. Before long, I learned to reconnect with the beauty and power of my voice. I became a Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner, a Sleep Specialist, a business coach and I have since helped hundreds Of people to heal the root cause of their sleep disorders, connect to their truth, and change their reality!

Now it’s your turn!

'Meeting Judy is an experience in itself. Her voice and sound spectrum is limitless. With her gentleness and presence she makes you comfortable. Gracefully she seduces you into her universe and with its ferocity and expressivity she shakes the pain off and leaves you light as a feather.' Marie Gjessing – Designer

'Sound healing with Judy is as much a journey as well a lesson in how my body naturally responds to different sound vibrating frequencies. It emphasises the awareness of my physical ability to store memories and therefore gives a fuller understanding of how the body also is part of the emotional system.' Mija Byung – Architecture

'I can highly recommend Judy Solomon and the way she uses sound healing. She has a unique ability to see what you need at a deep level and can create the confidence and peace of mind that makes you dare indulge in a process that can be painful, and powerful healing. I am deeply grateful for the help she has given me and see great potential in the method’s application both to individuals and within an enterprise framework.' Marianne Saxtorph, lawyer and mediator

Similar benefits await when you decide to invite me to serve in the powerful ways that I can support your process. What lights me up about this work is to witness how clients get released, energised and focused to transform their new gained manifestation power in taking action and following their dreams.

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